School Based Mental Health

In-School Educational Programs and Services
Tri-County Behavioral Care partners with you to provide the services desired by your district to inform, students, parents and teachers on pressing issues that are affecting our children and youth.

Our clinical therapists deliver customized evidence-based programs in a classroom or auditorium setting, one-on-one or in a group session during the day in your school. Our goal is to provide the tools and knowledge for individuals to successfully handle and discuss these issues which will provide a positive effect in their everyday life.

3-5 Week
Educational Programs

Anxiety/ Depression
Cyber Addiction
Juuling & Vaping
Social/Emotional Coping
Social Skills
Substance Abuse
Suicide Awareness

Group & Individual Counseling

Weekly sessions focused on specific topics identified by CST

Parent Education and Professional Development

Customized programs can be tailored to accommodate your school’s budget and needs.  To view a sample of the programs available please click here.

In-District Year-Round Therapy Service

As an integrated member of the school team, we can provide in -district clinical support throughout the school year to students and staff. Providing therapy services in a family setting offers minimal interruption to student’s school day and provides additional district support to a very demanding need.

As an integrated member of the school team, we can help serve youth in a familiar setting, offering minimal interruption to their school day. We are available to discuss further your district’s needs so we can create a specific contract that encompasses and delivers these services.