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Tri- County Behavioral Care is a comprehensive mental healthcare provider dedicated to caring for the needs of individuals, adolescents and families through our specialized areas of outpatient services: Intensive In-Community (IIC), Psychotherapy, School Related Services and Substance Use Evaluation & Treatment .

At Tri-County Behavioral Care, we are ready to be your advocate. We are here to provide a fresh perspective toward a better quality of life in a safe and comfortable environment. Our specialized therapists are ready to begin your journey toward a healthier you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our licensed therapists at our convenient locations or through teletherapy.

Tri-County Behavioral Care

The foundation of our practice is based on the belief that everyone should have access to quality mental healthcare.

Our community of therapists is focused and committed to deliver compassionate clinical care to everyone within one place. We believe mental healthcare should embrace the entire person rather than just addressing a specific problem.

In my many years working in Sussex County, your program and services are the most impressive! You have a clear vision and a dedication to helping children.


Elementary School Counselor, Sussex County NJ

The Stress-Less educational program conducted over three weeks for our 5th grade students was a success as we noticed our students opening up more to discuss and identify stressors in their everyday lives.


Supervisor of Special Education Services at Stillwater Township Elementary School

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