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Suzanne Dowd, LCSW, BCD

Suzanne Dowd is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Board Certified Diplomate. She is a graduate of Rutger’s University School of Social Work & has 25 years of clinical experience with people of all ages. However, she specializes in helping children, adolescents & families reach their full potential.

Suzanne is skilled in the areas of anxiety; depression; behavioral issues; parenting skills; ADHD; learning disabilities; stress reduction & mindfulness training. She is certified as a school social worker & helps parents & children with school related problems.

In a nurturing & trusting environment, Suzanne utilizes cognitive behavioral; psychodynamic; & family systems strategies to assist you through the therapy process with encouragement; skills training; & validation to be the best “you” that you can be.

Suzanne Dowd

Suzanne Dowd

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Board Certified Diplomate

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